Discover how educators are using Lucid in the classroom:

Fraction practice template

Fraction practice + review

Digital manipulatives for fractions that help students engage.

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Chalk talk template

Chalk talk

A virtual whiteboard to facilitate a "chalk talk" or silent discussion.

Science concept map template

Science concept map

Digest complex science texts by using concept maps.

Problem/solution template


Learn about regions of the world and applying solutions.

Rock Classification and Coding

Rock classification and coding

Models the If-Then programming structure

Alphabet brainstorming document

Alphabet brainstorming

Framework to brainstorm themes in novels

prediction flowchart

Prediction flowchart

Helps student make and keep track of predictions

corroboration flowchart


Teach corroboration skills

Meiosis diagram


Create a diagram that shows cells splitting

Diagramming the plate boundaries

Plate boundaries

Examine a subduction zone

problem followed by a solution table


Select a challenge faced and articulate a solution

math equation document

Modeling Expressions

Complete learning taste to extract principles