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Using Canvas with Lucid


Simply create a Lucidchart or Lucidpress document and share it with students. They can then submit their work in Canvas with a single click.

Create assignments in Lucidchart and Lucidpress using our easy Assignment Creator, and instantly distribute them to students.

Lucidchart in canvas

Lucidchart in Canvas

Take teaching and learning further by installing the Canvas integration today.

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Lucidpress in canvas

Lucidpress in Canvas

Get started and go further with Canvas and Lucidpress

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While there are plenty of other apps and services that let you create mind maps and flowchart, I have yet to find a decent one that shares this feature. Real-time collaboration has some pretty excellent classroom possibilities. Imagine a group of students working on a Venn Diagram or procedural flowchart for science class, all at the same time, but from different machines...Some pretty great results could be achieved with everyone working at once.


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