Lucid for Education Learning Toolkits:

design kit

Essential Design Kit

Six basic design templates to get your started

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distance learning kit

Distance Learning Kit

Something for all grades and subjects

learning to read and write

Literacy Toolkit

Brainstorm, organize, and develop ideas while reading and before writing

supporting learning strategies

Top 10 Learning Strategies Kit

Designed for student interaction

Classroom Resources Toolkit

Classroom Resources Toolkit

Weekly planners, daily routine chart, and guideline templates

SEL Toolkit

SEL Toolkit

A collection of SEL activities perfect for all students

Bulletin board toolkit

Bulletin Board Toolkit:

Everything to get your classroom personalized and prepped for the year.

Get to know you toolkit

Icebreaker Toolkit

A collection of intro activities perfect for the first day of class

 Elementary Toolkit

Lucidspark Elementary Toolkit

KWL chart, timelines, and cause and effect

Lucidspark Toolkit

Lucidspark Toolkit

Templates to engage students at the beginning, during, and after learning

Holiday Toolkit

Holiday Toolkit

Holiday cards and activities to engage with students

Discussion Strategies Toolkit

Facilitate a discussion and enable a brainstorming session

Admin district toolkit

Administrator Toolkit

School improvement plans, professional development, and more

Making Connections Toolkit

Making Connections Toolkit

Integrate old and new information to bridge our real and academic worlds

Collaborative Sorting Toolkit

Collaborative Sorting Toolkit

Open a classroom dialogue with these collaborative sorting activities!


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