Easily distribute assignments with Google Classroom

Bring Lucid for Education's expressiveness and creativity to your Google Classroom.

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Google Classroom and Lucid for Education

Google Classroom

Simply create a Lucidchart or Lucidpublish document and share it with students.

Bring together the best parts of the Lucid for Education platform with Google Classroom to create a familiar learning distribution system. Make the syllabus days shorter by using the same software your students use daily.

How to use the Lucidchart Google Classroom Integration

Lucidchart and Google Classroom

Take teaching and learning further by using the Google Classroom integration today.

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Take teaching and learning further by using the Google Classroom integration today.

Lucidpublish and Google Classroom

Learn how to use the Lucidpublish Google Classroom integration.

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Start with Templates from the Lucid for Education Assignment Creator

Start with templates

See for yourself how Lucid for Education is ten times stronger with Assignment Creator.

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Dr. Minnie Ladores

Technology Integration Specialist, SPARCC

We're in the College of Education, and we have standards we need to meet. One of the standards is that students need to collaborate using technology goals—and Lucidpublish is a great way to do that.

You and your students will love Lucid for Education. Explore our lesson plans and templates today.

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